1. lunarix:

    Vincent van Gogh

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Find all good posts here!


    Find all good posts here!

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  3. ryancrobert:

fucking show-off


    fucking show-off

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  4. celestial-sexhair:

    disadvantages of having thick hair

    • your head is always 100000 degrees
    • shedding everywhere
    • snapping thin combs
    • spend $100 on dye if you want to color it
    • hair is still wet 2 years after you showered
    • styling your hair takes longer than growing it

    advantages of having thick hair

    • ????
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  5. I sit in a chair and read the newspapers.

    Millions of men go to war, acres of them are buried, guns and ships broken, cities burned, villages sent up in smoke, and children where cows are killed off amid hoarse barbecues vanish like finger-rings of smoke in a north wind.

    I sit in a chair and read the newspapers.

    Carl Sandburg, “Smoke” (via feellng)
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  6. itssexualhour:

    last time i went hiking with my boyfriend and we got bored so we went through the grassy areas instead of trails. i gave him a bj. i guess i had poison oak on my hands bc his dick has a giant itchy rash on it and its been there for a week :/ sorry bruhhh

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  7. owlapin:

    making a resume when u have no experience 


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  8. psychoticmist:

    if you ever feel bad about yourself remember that george bush was once informed that 4 brazilian people were killed in iraq and he responded ‘how many is a brazilian’

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  9. calakazam:


    Me: can u give me x²+4y+ of tomatoes & 2(x²+8xy^3) of potatoes please

    Seller: I dont understand

    Me: well i dont give a fuck i didnt study in vain

    those are polynomials you asked for a neverending curve of tomatoes

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  10. roughness:


    hey there delilah whats it like in new york city…

    i’m a thousand miles away but i’m still thinking of that titty

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    Alright im done following my heart. Wheres the unfollow button.

    excuse me?

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  12. a-cult:

    So The Great British Bake-Off is moving from BBC Two to BBC One and this exchange actually happened

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  14. I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water.
    graffiti on my school bathroom wall - lilyfoxes (via perfect)
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  15. expansioned:

    reminder: don’t listen to sad music when you are already crying

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